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Do wish to have the confidence and the skills to give your patients the beautiful smile they want.
Cosmetic Dentistry is an art which requires months of dedicated learning and practice to master.
To design a smile for the patient requires deep understanding of the principles of cosmetic dentistry and how to apply them for each patient individually. Smile design is not just about removing spaces between the teeth or giving straight teeth; it is about creating overall facial harmony. Smile makeover may require veneers or crowns depending upon the case presented and a prerequisite of this course is that you are able to do crown preparations of international standard.

What You Will Learn

  • Smile makeover principles
  • Requirements for cosmetic dentists
  • Requirement patients communication for cosmetic dental office
  • Increase your cosmetic cases
  • Case selection
  • Veneer preparation and anterior tooth
  • Veneer preparation on posterior tooth
  • Diagnostic wax-up
  • Planning smile makeover case
  • Gingival re-contouring
  • Preparation Guides
  • Complex case treatment planning
  • Lab communication
  • Lab enhancements
  • Shade selection
  • Chair-side temporization
  • Bonding
  • Occlusion
  • Follow ups
  • Market cosmetic cases
  • How to see cosmetic cases

Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover Course

Supervised by: Dr. Aqib Mudassar (DDS, USA) Duration: 1 year, Total 10 sessions

LECTURE (3 Hours)

New possibilities

What is smile makeover?

Smile makeover principles

HANDS-ON (3 Hours)

Bridge preparation on cast models

SESSION 1 – 22nd June 2019

SESSION 2 – 13th July 2019

LECTURE (2 Hours)

Smile make-over principles (Continued)

HANDS-ON (4 Hours)

Anterior Veneer Preparation on cast models

LECTURE (2 Hours)

Case selection & treatment planning

Preparation day protocols

Dental & smile makeover photography

HANDS-ON (4 Hours)

Smile makeover photography

Posterior Veneer Preparation on cast models

SESSION 3 – 10th August 2019

SESSION 4 – 7th September 2019

LECTURE (2 Hours)

Materials used for smile makeover & bonding

Diagnostic Wax-Up

HANDS-ON (4 Hours)

Veneer preparation of 6 anterior teeth on cast models

LECTURE (2 Hours)

Treatment Planning and Case discussion (1 out of 3 cases):

Candidates are required to bring Properly Articulated Study Models, Diagnostic tracing analysis, Patient’s esthetic evaluation, Dental and profile pictures for a total of 3 patients which shall be discussed in session 5th ,6th & 7th respectively by Dr. Aqib Mudassar for possibilities, limitations & visualization of end results.

HANDS-ON (4 Hours)

Face bow records and bite registration

The candidates will be practicing bite registration & face-bow record taking on each other under Dr. Aqib’s supervision

6-unit case preparation on cast models

A combination of crowns & veneers preparation

SESSION 5 – 28th September 2019

SESSION 6 – 12th October 2019

LECTURE (2 Hours)

Treatment plan and Case discussion (2nd out of 3 cases)

Tips and techniques for selling big cases

HANDS-ON (4 Hours)

6-Unit Veneer preparation on Manikin (Typodonts)

LECTURE (2 Hours)

Treatment plan and Case discussion (3rd out of 3 cases)

How to overcome lab challenges


Candidates will be tested on the skills that they have been taught so far

Anterior and posterior veneer preparations on typodonts
Fabrication of chair-side multiple unit temporaries on typodonts

SESSION 7 – 2nd November 2019

SESSION 8 – 23rd November 2018

The candidates who pass the test and get their crown & veneers preparations approved by Dr. Aqib Mudassar will be directed to bring one patient each for smile makeover case. They will be guided for Cosmetic Consultation which comprises of:

  • Detailed medical, dental, social and personal history
  • Patient’s smile interview
  • Taking profile pictures and dental pictures for smile makeover
  • Case analysis, treatment planning, diagnostic tracing analysis, patient’s esthetic evaluation.
  • Explaining all the possibilities and limitations to the patient
  • Patient’s Consent taking Impressions for diagnostic wax-up, properly articulated study models.

Candidates will bring their patient, diagnostic wax-up, patient records and perform following procedures on patient in surgery under Dr. Aqib’s supervision:

  • Pre-Op analysis
  • Making a template from diagnostic wax-up
  • Shade selection
  • Gum contouring with laser
  • Veneer preparations on patient’s teeth
  • Taking impressions of prepped teeth in putty
  • Bite registration and face-bow record
  • Temporization
  • Adjustment for the temporaries

Duration: 4 Hours



Permanent restorations received from lab shall be delivered to the patient:

  • Evaluation of temporaries and taking patient’s feedback
  • Removal of temporaries
  • Try-in of final restorations for shape, size, color, gum line, lip line, esthetics
  • Permanent bonding
  • Occlusion

Duration: 4 Hours

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