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Many young dentists are faced with the numerous challenges of working in a dental office. Some get so overwhelmed and intimidated with the competition all around that they opt to let go of the clinical side of dentistry or are unable to open their own set up because of fear of failure. Lack of confidence to succeed also stems from the acknowledgment of lack of clinical skills.
Ideal Smile is launching one year residency program to provide a learning platform for all the struggling dentists as well as those who want to take their practice to the next level. It is a program designed not only to help revamp and update the already existing dental practices but also to help the dentists who have not started their own practices come up with an ideal setup. We will teach you the practice management aspect of dentistry and how running a practice as a business benefits not only the dentist but ensures quality treatment for the patients as well.
A major part of the revenue that a dental office generates is through hygiene, restorative work, crown and bridge as well as recare. Learn the protocols of hygiene and how to implement it in your everyday practice. The success of any restorative work and crown and bridge depends upon the preparation as well as the gingival health. Crown and bridge failure rates in Pakistan are extremely high. Join us and learn the skills of making idealcavity and crown preparation and let go of the hit and miss or trial base methodology. Learn to be proactive in every procedure you do and the first step is to improve your skill set.
Join us in our residency program and take your practice to the next level. All candidate will have the opportunity to spend a week with us at Ideal Smile and see how the office is run.

1 Year Residency

  • Career counselling
  • Practice building
  • Practice management
  • Systems
  • Re-care and hygiene
  • Class 1, 2, 3
  • Prosthodontics
  • Root canal
  • Core post
  • Crown and bridge
  • Esthetics
  • Sterilization protocols
  • Tx planning
  • How to sell big cases
  • Team building and team hiring
  • Marketing
  • Make a brand
  • World class Dental office startup
There will be a certification exam at the end of one year residency.
Certificate will be provided at the end of the residency on passing the certification exam.
Run your own practice or work under our umbrella- Franchise.
Total Sessions 24

Courses You Will Be Learning

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